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Since 1979, International Tan has been providing quality tanning services with superior tanning facilities around the Point Pleasant , NJ area. We hope you enjoy our website, www.ComeTanWithUs.com and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area! Our website is designed to give you information on our amenities, services, products and how to contact us.

Is Tanning For You?

Gearing up for a cruise, wedding, honeymoon, special event-or just want to look your best with a beautiful golden tan? International Tan is the indoor tanning salon for you! More and more of our clients are tanning indoors for convenience, speed, control and pure enjoyment! Tanning not only makes you look your best, but also makes you feel your best.

If you are not already aware of what our services have to offer, we invite you to visit us today for a truly enjoyable tanning experience. Our goal is to offer competitive pricing on top on the line equipment and to provide a clean environment.

Why Tan Indoors?


When you tan indoors at a tanning salon your skin produces a tan the same way it does when you tan outside in the sun, through the absorption of ultraviolet light.

One of the many benefits to tanning indoors is that you can control the amount of ultraviolet light you are exposed to, to help avoid sunburn. At our tanning salon, your tanning session is determined by the equipment manufacturers’ recommendation as well as our trained staff which take into consideration your skin type and tanning history.

Convenience is another consideration to take when tanning indoors. Outdoor tanning is often limited by season, location and weather. Indoor tanning offers you dependable control, convenience and service!


1.) Goodwill and Reputation:

International Tan has been serving the Point Pleasant community for nearly 20 years. One of the first tanning salons in Ocean County, International Tan has only changed ownership 2 times. International Tan sincerly values all of its customers and thanks all of you for your loyal patronage which has allowed us to stay in business!

2.) Cleanliness:
First and foremost this is probably one of the most important items.  Is the equipment clean or is the trained technician sanitizing the tanning beds? Are the floors and walls surrounding the equipment clean? At International Tan, Lucasol is used when cleaning the beds. Lucasol is a  hospital grade cleaner that is colorless and ordorless, and is non irrating to the skin. We believe that smart tanning means clean tanning, which is why International Tan practices a sanitation process that is as extensive as those used by physicians. Cleanliness is our business!

3.) Staff education:
The staff at International Tan will be able to tell you the appropriate tan times, the differences in lamps and beds, as well as safe tanning practices. All of our staff is trained and certified by Smart Tan, National Tanning Training Institute and the Indoor Tanning Association.


4.) Hours of Operation:
Many tanning salons have seasonal hours but more importantly what are they? International Tan's hours are always consistent, open 7 days a week 361 days a year! We are open earlier and later than all of our competitors, giving you the most time to take advantage of the packages you have purchased. We believe you should be able to tan on your schedule not someone else's! We take walk-ins and we also take appointments if that works better for you.  If there is a particular bed that you like appointments may work best for you.


5.) Lotion Selection:
Many salons choose lotions for a reason. International Tan has spent the last 3 years extensively researching, testing, and getting customer feedback on over 200 lotions. We have narrowed down the selection to 18 different lotions, all of which are aloe based for the ultimate in skin care! Our staff will able to direct you in a the right direction for your skin type and tanning needs. We will also be able to instruct and educate you on the differences between tinglers, bronzers, and accelerators.

6.) Lamps:
Believe it or not all lamps are not created equal. The two rays that create a tan are UVB and UVA. UVB is the ray that begins the tanning process but an abundance can increase your chances of burning. UVA is the ray that penetrates deeper creating a golden brown tan that lasts a little bit longer. Certain types of skin require different levels of each. International Tan believes it is important that the customer is matched  with the appropriate tan times as well as the right bed to maximize results. Tanning lamps have a "life" unlike fluorescent lamps in a garage they will continue to glow even though there is little to no life left to them which is why International Tan changes all of it's lamps every 500 hours.

What to Expect

Depending on your natural tanning ability, beginners typically see results after their very first tan. However, it can take approximately 4-6 sessions to achieve a base tan. We recommend beginners tan once every 48 hours until a base tan is achieved. After that you can maintain your tan with 1-2 weekly sessions. It is also strongly recommended that you use a quality indoor tanning lotion offered by our salon to both moisturize your skin and improve your overall tanning potential. Please consult with a member of our staff to determine the tanning schedule and product that is right for your skin type. We look forward to your next visit with us!

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