Tanning Level 5



We use Norvell Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution.

UV-Free Sunless Tanning

Tanning Level 1

Level 1

Super Bed


20 Minute Maximum Tan Time

Tanning Level 3


Level 3


Cyclone Stand Up


9 Minute Maximum Tan Time

360 degree coverage in a standup booth with high powered overhead fans to keep you cool.

Tanning Level 2

Level 2 VHR Bed 15 Minute Maximum Tan Time Great results from our Klafsun bed has staggered lamp configuration to maximize your results

Tanning Level 4

Level 4


Dr. Mueller SunStorm


12 Minute Maximum Tan Time


 Featuring 4 1000 watt high pressure facial lamps and 160 watt reflector lamps throughout this bed produces excellent results.

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